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A Logic of Spatial Qualification Using Qualitative Reasoning Approach

Keywords: Qualitative R easoning , Quant ified Modal Logic , Commonsense Reasoning , Spatial Qualification P r oblem , Possible World Semantics

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The qualification problem is well known within the field of artificial intelligence. Thispaper introducedaspecific aspectof qualification problem thatdealswithknowing the possibility of an agent’spresenceat aspecific locationat a particular timeas a qualification for carryingout an action or be participant in anevent given its knownlocationantecedents. Aquantifiedmodal logicwas presentedfor reasoning with thisproblem. Logical axioms based on qualitative reasoning for inferring the possibility of an agent’spresenceata certainlocation andtimewerepresented.A formal semanticsthatclarifiedthe fact that our first ordermodal logic is a fixed domain logicwas also presented.The resultingspatial qualification modelwascompared with existingS4 and S5modal systems. The logicwasseen to have all the properties ofthe S4system but failed tosatisfy axiom B in S5 system


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