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New Method of High Quality and High Speed Drilling Based on Stratigraphic Naturally Whipstocking Law

DOI: 10.3968/2405

Keywords: Formation anisotropy , Whipstocking law , Weight on bit , New drilling method

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High steep dip formation is one of the important keys effecting well deviation and azimuth during drilling. According to space gridding data of formation,calculation method of angle and tendency and analysis model of offset of deviation and azimuth are derived considering formation anisotropy. Combined with the field experiment, calculation orbit is similar to true track, also increasing drilling speed. The result shows that using formation natural deflecting law to optimize well position and design well trajectory, to increase drill pressure in order to increase ROP while not effect reaching the target naturally are feasible. This indicates analysis method is correct and reasonable. It has important theoretical value and practical worth in engineering. Key words: Formation anisotropy; Whipstocking law; Weight on bit; New drilling method


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