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Martinès de Pasqually et La Gnose Valentinienne

Keywords: "Rosicrucian Order , AMORC , Gnosis , Gnosticism , Valentinus , Valentinian , Martines de Pasqually , Martinism , TMO , Kabbalah , Cathar , Albigensian , hermeticsm , alexandria , Judaism , Christianity , mysticism , esotericism , Masons , Franc-Ma onnerie "

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The Jewish-Christian influence in the theology and philosophy of the eighteenth century French-Spanish mystic Martinès de Pasqually can be traced back to the Valentinian heterodox Christian movement in second century Alexandria. Numerous parallels can be drawn between Martinès's main work, the Treatise on Reintegration, and the Valentinian Exposition as expounded by “schools” claiming the Valentinian heritage. Only the terminology differs: Immensities / Pleroma, prevarication / fall, Spirits / Aeons, Reconciler / Saviour, etc. ... Many passages of the Treatise on Reintegration, echoing Jewish tradition as set out in the Qabalah, may also be related to Alchemy and Astrology, both of which are aspects of Hermeticism.


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