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Gibbs Free Energies, Enthalpies and Entropies of Transfer for Reference Ions Ph4 As+ and Ph4 B- in Mixed DMFA-H2O Solvents at Different Temperatures

DOI: 10.5923/j.ajee.20120203.03

Keywords: Gibbs Free Energies, Enthalpies, Entropies, Tetraphenylarsonium-Tetraphenyl Borate, Dimethylformamide

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The thermodynamic data (Gt , Ht and TSt ) of transfer for tetraphenylarsonium-tetraphenylborate (Ph4AsBPh4) from water to mixed dimethylformamide (DMFA)-H2O solvents were estimated from the experimental solubility and calorimeter measurements. The experiments were done at three different temperatures 288.15, 298.15 and 308.15 K. Also the thermodynamic parameters were divided into reference anion and cation following the asymmetric deviation and their values, were discussed. Dividing all the thermodynamic functions between the cation and anion by using 1.064 factors we obtain their individual functions. The reference ion values can be easily used for evaluating the different thermodynamic parameters of any ion that contains in its counterion tetraphenyl cation or anion . By using the data given here the thermodynamic parameters for some single ion can be estimated for following their behaviour in environment. The single ion thermodynamics are helpful for predicting, explaining and mechanisms suggesting. Theoretical and engineering chemistry are in need for experimental single ion parameters for the comparison with that calculated by different solvation theories.


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