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The Management of Energy Leakage and Waste in Three and Four Star Hotels

DOI: 10.5923/j.tourism.20120102.01

Keywords: Energy Leakage and Waste, Energy Management Program, Environmental Quality System

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This paper aims to investigate the dimensions of the energy leakage and waste problem in three and four star hotels in Egypt. A questionnaire form and a checklist were designed and distributed to the 176 chief engineers in three and four star hotels in Cairo, Hurghada and Sharm-Elsheikh. The findings of the study showed that fossil fuels are the main sources for generating energy at three and four star hotels and the forms used are in a descending order, Electricity, Diesel oil, Liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas. The results clearly elucidated that only 39 of the investigated 176 three and four star hotels use solar energy for water heating only. The results showed that the HVAC systems consume more electricity and followed by the kitchen compared to other sectors. 80% of the respondents in the four star hotels and 67% in the three star hotels agree that staff wrong practices in using equipment and devices is the main cause that may lead to energy waste in their hotels. It is quite clear that there are several barriers that hinder improving and developing efficient system to reduce and manage energy leakage among which; shortage of financial resources, lack of technical services and skilled labor force. Loose legislations and ill staff practices in using equipment and devices are among other reasons. The entire population of the study is only interested in investing no, low and medium cost to minimize energy leakage. It was found also that only 5 hotels of the four star category that comply with the ISO 14001 certificate standards and the Green planet label. The current research concluded the indigence need to raise the level of hoteliers' awareness of the potential using of renewable energy. There is also essential to build up policy based on implementing feasible energy management program. Also benefiting from organic waste in the hotels by installing a station to gather and ferment the waste to produce methane gas to use it as a cooking fuel.


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