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Comparative Study of Duolite A-378 and Duolite A-143 Anion Exchange Resins by Application of 131I and 82 Br as a Tracer Isotopes

DOI: 10.5923/j.chemistry.20120205.04

Keywords: Duolite A-378, Duolite A-143, Reaction Kinetics, Radioactive Isotopes, Tracer Applications, Distribution Coefficient, Ion-Isotopic Exchange Reactions, Reaction Rate

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In the present study radioactive tracer isotopes 131I and 82Br are applied to study the kinetics of iodide and bromide ion-isotopic exchange reactions in two anion exchange resins Duolite A-378 and Duolite A-143. The study is performed by varying the experimental parameters like temperature and concentration of exchanging medium to understand the effect of above parameters on exchange reaction rate (min-1), amount of ions exchanged (mmol), percentage of ions exchanged and distribution coefficient. For both the ion-isotopic exchange reactions it is common observation that the exchange reaction rate increases with increase in concentration and decreases with rise in temperature of exchanging medium. Also there exists a strong positive co-relationship between amount of ions exchanged and concentration of ionic solution, while a strong negative co-relationship exists between amounts of ions exchanged and temperature of exchanging medium. Comparing the values of reaction rate (min-1), amount of ions exchanged (mmol); percentage of ions exchanged and distribution coefficient calculated for the two resins, it is observed that Duolite A-378 resins show superior performance than Duolite A-143 resins under identical operational parameters.


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