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Cationic Surfactants from Arginine: Synthesis and Physicochemical Properties

DOI: 10.5923/j.chemistry.20120204.02

Keywords: Cationic Surfactants, NΑ-Acyl, Arginine, Schotten Baumann

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The present invention concerns the preparation of cationic surfactants derived from the condensation of an acid chloride, preferably a fatty acid with a number of carbon atoms 8, 9 and 14 with esterified amino acids, preferably basic-type amino acids, like (L)-arginine. The method comprises a first step in which the esterification of the amino acid with an alcohol is performed and a second step for the condensation with a chloride of fatty acid, using Schotten Baumann conditions. These surfactants constitute a novel class of chemicals of low toxicity with excellent surface properties and considerable antimicrobial activity. As in a conventional series of surfactants with different chain lengths, changes in the chain result in changes in the physicochemical properties. Excellent antimicrobial activity is observed for the homologue of 14 carbon atoms.


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