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The Influences of Catalysts and Co-catalysts On The Thermal Decomposition Of Potassium Peroxydisulphate In Aqueous Solution at 70 ℃

DOI: 10.5923/j.chemistry.20120204.05

Keywords: Thermal Decomposition , Potassium Peroxydisulphate , Co-catalyst

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The thermal decomposition of potassium peroxydisulphate at 70OC under catalyzed conditions was investigated. The decomposition was catalyzed by different systems namely, the silver (I) ion, the copper (II) ion and in the presence of both ions (co- catalysts). It is obvious that the presence of small amount of silver(I) or copper (II) ion enhance the rate of decomposition of peroxydisulphate. A systematic kinetic study showed that the catalytic influence of the different systems used in the decomposition is in the following order :co-catalyst > Ag + > Cu2+ .


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