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Thiocarbohydrazides: Synthesis and Reactions

DOI: 10.5923/j.chemistry.20120202.09

Keywords: Thiocarbohydrazides, TCH-Method, Ion Determination, Complex Formation, Thiohydrazide

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Thiocarbohydrazides are an important class of compounds which possess applications in many fields. The chemistry of thiocarbohydrazides has gained increased interest in both synthetic organic chemistry and biological fields and has considerable value in many useful applications such as the assessment process of the three-dimensional ultrastructure examination techniques of interphase nuclei and tissues, besides their therapeutic importance. They are also described for use as fogging agents and are considered as safe, storable, and cool-burning pyrotechnic compounds for dissemination of smoke, chemical warfare agents. On the other hand, thiocarbohydrazides are used in performing a highly selective heavy metal ion adsorbent and as complexing agents for the solvent extraction separation methods. The present review covers the literature up to date for the synthesis, reactions and applications of such compounds.


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