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Muzyka powa na w telewizji. Problemy i nadzieje

DOI: 10.2478/v10075-008-0008-6

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In view of the fact that classical music has been present on television almost from its inception, it seems surprising that very few studies have been devoted to this problem, the more so that it is difficult to accuse it of the poverty of substance. Showing classical music on television seems to bring the audience closer to the natural conditions of reception; on the other hand, television audiovisuality clashes somehow with musical audiality, which produces numerous controversies. On top of that is everything that, in the context of classical music on television - a prominent example of ambitious art, fascinates and sets sociologists, economists and media experts against one another rather than estheticians, music theorists and television directors. Aware of these contentious issues the author distinguishes two kinds of problems associated with the presentation of classical music on television, i.e. technical-esthetic and socio-economic ones. The technical-esthetic problems include the issues connected first of all with the position of classical music in the homogenized television world, with the defects and virtues of musical shows on television, with their technical aspect, their impact on the audience, and with esthetically dubious classical music television formats. When discussing socio-economic problems, he tackles the issues of the special character of reception of televised classical music, the presence of classical music in the programs of TV stations, the funding of musical television shows, developing a passion for classical music by television, commenting on classical music on television, competition between classical music on TV and classical music "live", the use of television by musical organizations and performers of classical music as a marketing weapon. The author concludes his discussion with analyses of the content (analysis of the TV recording of classical music concerts, or analysis of discussion devoted to music.) Despite the above-mentioned problems the author sees a considerable potential in television with regard to the presentation of classical music and believes that if the problems are finally overcome, television can render a service to great music.


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