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PLOS ONE  2012 

An MHC-I Cytoplasmic Domain/HIV-1 Nef Fusion Protein Binds Directly to the μ Subunit of the AP-1 Endosomal Coat Complex

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0008364

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The down-regulation of the major histocompatibility complex class I (MHC-I) from the surface of infected cells by the Nef proteins of primate immunodeficiency viruses likely contributes to pathogenesis by providing evasion of cell-mediated immunity. HIV-1 Nef-induced down-regulation involves endosomal trafficking and a cooperative interaction between the cytoplasmic domain (CD) of MHC-I, Nef, and the clathrin adaptor protein complex-1 (AP-1). The CD of MHC-I contains a key tyrosine within the sequence YSQA that is required for down-regulation by Nef, but this sequence does not conform to the canonical AP-binding tyrosine-based motif Yxxφ, which mediates binding to the medium (μ) subunits of AP complexes. We previously proposed that Nef allows the MHC-I CD to bind the μ subunit of AP-1 (μ1) as if it contained a Yxxφmotif.


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