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Calidad nixtamalera y tortillera en maíces del trópico húmedo y sub-húmedo de México

Keywords: zea mays l., quality, nixtamalization, tortillas, texture.

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the corn produced for the masa or dough and tortilla industry or for nixtamalized flours industry (ihn), it should satisfy the requirements of efficiency in process and quality of final product. the aim of this work was to determine the quality of commercial and pre-commercial corns, for elaboration of nixtamalized flours, dough and tortilla, produced in states located in the humid and sub-humid tropic of mexico in 2006. this study used 14 corn samples cultivated in spring-summer 2006 cycle in states of chiapas, guerrero, tamaulipas and veracruz. the quality was evaluated in terms of physical characteristics of grain and nixtamalization variables; in tortilla it was determined texture and color. all samples were of white grain, common characteristic in tropical maizes, and therefore appropriate for nixtamalized flours industry. the maizes of veracruz showed outstanding quality for this industry type, by their high dough and tortilla yields and excellent quality. from all analyzed samples, only maizes v-454-c10 (tamaulipas) and h-561 (chiapas) were proper for nixtamalized flours industry. the industries related with the alkaline processing of grain of maize require to have a specialized raw material that allows to improve their competitiveness and to offer to consumer the best possible product, therefore who make the genetic improvement of this cereal they should keep in mind the agronomic and quality parameters.


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