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Incidencia y prevalencia de hipertensión arterial registradas en el Día Mundial de la Hipertensión 2011. Experiencia de un grupo de trabajo: Experience of a working party

Keywords: high blood pressure, high blood pressure world day.

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introduction: a cross-sectional study was conducted in two institutions: the national management of recreation and sports national institute and in the "dr. manuel fajardo" physical culture faculty of la habana at the high blood pressure world day. objectives: to determine the frequency of hypertensive patients (known and new) and the pre-hypertensive ones, the percentage of patients treated and controlled as well as the presence of excess weight among those with a normal blood pressure and the hypertensive ones, as well as to demonstrate also the significance that each person knows which is its blood pressure and its risk. methods: authors studied 730 patients of both sexes with predominance of the young athletes who voluntarily answered the survey, measuring the blood pressure. a form including the select variables was fill out: age, sex, height, weight, if they know on its hypertensive status, if they were receiving drug treatment and the blood pressure figures found. a database was created using the spss statistic system of window 2007. results were expressed in absolute frequencies and percentages. results: the 58,5 % corresponded to male sex. age distribution in the three percentiles used showed an open predominance of young people (50 %). from the 730 polled subjects, 114 (15,6 %) knew its hypertensive status (15,4 % of men and 16,2 % of women), 106 (14,5 %) were classified as pre-hypertensives and 35 (4,8 %) as new hypertensives. from the 114 known hypertensive, 91 (61,7%) were under treatment and 87 were controlled (58,4 % of total and the 95,6 % of those treated) and 62 no-controlled (41,6 % of total and 4,4 % of those treated). from the hypertensive ones, 82 (77 %) were aged 19-49, the 40 % of them had excess weight, whereas 24 (23 %) were aged 50 or more, but with a 70% of excess weight. the excess weight/obese was present in 271 (37,2 %) of polled persons (55,6 % in the hypertensive and 39,4 % in those normotensives) a figure under 42,6 % of the nationa


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