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Evaluación reológica de dos polímeros derivados de la polivinilpirrolidona para uso oftálmico

Keywords: povidone, polymers, reology, viscosity.

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introduction: like the hydrophilic polymer from cellulose called hydroxypropylmethylcellulose f4m, kollidons k-12 pf and k-17 pf could be included in the future eye formulations that will provide adequate drug release from the site of administration and better therapeutic effect in the ocular zone. objective: to reologically evaluate polymers k-12 pf and k-17 pf, to compare them with the results of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose f4m and to set quality and useful lifetime parameters fit for the future drug formulations having these polymers. methods: the viscosity of dissolution of each polymer was determined to make a variance analysis of double classification, fixed effect, with three observations per box. barlett′s test served to identify the heat treatments that preserved the dissolutions. results: the best fit curves for each polymer were shown in graphs and also the flow tendencies which were similar to those of newton′s fluids. conclusions: the results yielded that great quantities of kollidons are required to reach the viscosity of the hydroxypropylmethylcellulose f4m pattern. additionally, the evaluated kollidons showed excellent dissolution speeds without using any heat treatment whatsoever.


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