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3-D numerical model of the flexural isostatic response to extension induced by crustal scale listric normal faulting
Juan García Abdeslem
Geofísica internacional , 2003,
Abstract: The flexural isostatic response of the lithosphere, induced by listric normal faulting, is modeled by assuming that simple-shear extension takes place in the brittle upper crust while the lower crust and upper mantle extend in pure shear. The partial differential equation describing the equilibrium state under the action of applied loads provides simple analytical expressions for computing the flexural isostatic response 3-D. An example using an analytically defined curvilinear normal fault is provided.
Modelo gravimétrico-magnético do gráben de Paranaguá-PR, Brasil
Castro, Luís Gustavo de;Ferreira, Francisco J.F.;Angulo, Rodolfo José;
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-261X2008000300002
Abstract: we study the paranaguá graben, which is part of the cenozoic rift system of southeastern brazil. specifically, it is considered a gravimetric-magnetic model of the top of the precambrian basement under the cenozoic sediments of the paraná state coastal plain. we aim to identify the main structures of the paranaguá graben. we also evaluate the thickness of the sedimentary section and the mesozoic basic intrusions in the basement. we use a regional geophysical survey that extends for more than 55 km of gravimetric profiles with 500 m of spacing between the stations and about 45 km of magnetic profiles with spacing of 25 m. the geophysical profiles were located between paranaguá bay and the saí-gua?ú river outlet, both in the context of the central region of the ponta grossa arch (pga). data were collected along ne-sw acquisition lines, perpendicularly to the principal trend of the pga. we present a 2-d geologic model using on gravity and magnetic data. we incorporate prior knowledge about the basement depth provided by boreholes. the identification of gravity high was related to a basement uplifting (canoas structural high). contiguous gravity lows had been interpreted as structural lows and called albatroz and shangri-lá, whose maximum thickness of the sediments is 130 m. the magnetic model allowed to estimate the thicknesses of the basic dykes and to calculate an average crustal extension of 27% related to 45 km of the magnetic profiles.
Ghalem Belalem,Said Limam
International Journal of Digital Information and Wireless Communications , 2011,
Abstract: Cloud computing has become a signi cant technology trend. With the cloud computing technology, users use a variety of devices to access programs, storage, and application- development platforms over the Internet, via services offered by cloud computing providers. Advantages of the cloud computing technology include cost savings and high availability. Access to the infrastructure in Cloud Computing incurs payments. To design and develop Cloud technologies focus on defining novel methods, policies and mechanisms for efficiently managing Cloud infrastructures. To test these newly developed methods and policies, researchers need tools that allow them to evaluate the hypothesis prior to real deployment in an environment where one can reproduce tests free of cost. Simulation- based approaches offer significant benefits. CloudSim enables seamless modeling, simulation, and experimentation of emerging Cloud computing infrastructures and application services. In the CloudSim simulator there are two problems: Lack of links between Datacenters and no possibility to create a virtual machine (VM) in more Datacenters. In this paper we propose a ring topology to allow the exchange and the sharing of information and services between different Datacenter, and we improve the method of creating VMs to allow the creation of VMs in several Datacenter, which improves fault tolerance in this type of environment.
Ages and geochemistry of Mesozoic-Eocene back-arc volcanic rocks in the Aysén region of the Patagonian Andes, Chile
Parada,Miguel A.; Lahsen,Alfredo; Palacios,Carlos;
Revista geológica de Chile , 2001, DOI: 10.4067/S0716-02082001000100002
Abstract: eighteen new radiometric ages (fourteen 40ar-39ar, four k-ar), combined with previously published ages, confirm the existence of three main extensional back-arc volcanic events, previously defined by stratigraphic relationships, in chilean patagonia (aysén region). these three events developed during the middle jurassic -early cretaceous (160-130 ma). cretaceous (114-75 ma), and eocene (55-46 ma). based on distinct geochemical data and sr-nd isotopic characteristics of the back-arc volcanic rocks collected north and south of 46°30's, two mesozoic-eocene magmatic domains are recognized: northern magmatic domain (nmd) and southern magmatic domain (smd). most analyzed basalts and intermediate volcanic rocks of the nmd have alkaline affinities and depleted to slightly depleted sr-nd isotopic values similar to those derived from an asthenosphere-dominated source. the smd mafic volcanic rocks have a subalkaline character and more enriched sr-nd isotopic signatures, comparable to those derived from a lithospheric source. the felsic volcanic rocks of the smd have lower end values and slightly higher initial 87sr/86sr ratios than the nmd felsic rocks, suggesting a larger crustal contribution in the magma sources. the geochemical and isotopic distinction between nmd and smd felsic rocks could be influenced by the presence of paleozoic metamorphic rocks as basement of the volcanic rocks of the smd. moreover, the compositional distinction between basalts of both domains may correspond to differences in magnitude of extension, the nmd being the one where the extension would have been greater and, consequently, the lithosphere thinner
Genesis and dynamic setting of mafic dikes in southeastern Fujian:evidence from Sr-Nd isotopic and major and trace element geochemistry

ZHANG GuiShan,WEN HanJie,HU RuiZhong,QIU YuZhuo,XU Cheng,

岩石学报 , 2007,
Abstract: 闽东南的海边斜闪煌斑岩脉和赤湖辉长岩脉分别形成于晚白垩世和古新世,为高钾钙碱性和钙碱性系列岩石,具有高Al、Na_2O>K_2O的特征;岩浆演化过程中可能经历了以橄榄石、单斜辉石为主的结晶分异作用。海边和赤湖基性岩脉具有相对富集大离子亲石元素和轻稀土元素,亏损高强场元素特征,不相容元素蛛网图显示出大陆边缘弧的地球化学特征,以Nb、Ta、Ti负异常为特征;海边和赤湖明显富集轻稀土元素,(La/Yb)_N分别为5.0~10.9和11.2~12.0。具有高Sr同位素初始值和低ε_(Nd)(t)值,海边的(~(87)Sr/~(86)Sr)_i:0.70577~0.707574,ε_(Nd)(t):-8.1~-1.8,赤湖的(~(87)Sr/~(86)Sr)_i:0.70547~0.70552,ε_(Nd)(t):-0.2~0.6。根据Sr、Nd同位素、微量元素研究及野外地质观察,本区基性岩脉的岩浆在上升侵位过程中未发生地壳物质混染。通过Sr、Nd同位素和微量元素等研究,认为地幔源区的演化与古太平洋板块俯冲密切相关,俯冲流体交代地幔楔、消减洋壳携带的海洋与陆源沉积物参与地幔源区的混合,形成本区基性岩脉的富集地幔源区,大离子亲石元素和轻稀土元素特别富集是俯冲流体与沉积物共同参与源区演化的结果。海边和赤湖基性岩脉形成的构造背景属于活动大陆边缘弧,构造性质应为活动陆缘拉张带(或裂谷带)。晚白垩世和古新世,闽东南发生了地壳拉张事件,与中国东南部晚白垩世以来的地壳拉张期次是一致。
Genesis and dynamic setting of mafic dikes in southeastern Fujian:evidence from Sr-Nd isotopic and major and trace element geochemistry

中国科技期刊研究 , 2007,
Abstract: 闽东南的海边斜闪煌斑岩脉和赤湖辉长岩脉分别形成于晚白垩世和古新世,为高钾钙碱性和钙碱性系列岩石,具有高Al、Na2O>K2O的特征;岩浆演化过程中可能经历了以橄榄石、单斜辉石为主的结晶分异作用.海边和赤湖基性岩脉具有相对富集大离子亲石元素和轻稀土元素,亏损高强场元素特征,不相容元素蛛网图显示出大陆边缘弧的地球化学特征,以Nb、Ta、Ti负异常为特征;海边和赤湖明显富集轻稀土元素,(La/Yb)N分别为5.0~10.9和11.2~12.0.具有高Sr同位素初始值和低εNd(t)值,海边的(^87Sr/^86Sr)i:0.70577~0.707574,εNd(t):-8.1~-1.8,赤湖的(^87Sr/^86Sr)i:0.70547~0.70552,εNd(t):-0.2~0.6.根据Sr、Nd同位素、微量元素研究及野外地质观察,本区基性岩脉的岩浆在上升侵位过程中未发生地壳物质混染.通过Sr、Nd同位素和微量元素等研究,认为地幔源区的演化与古太平洋板块俯冲密切相关,俯冲流体交代地幔楔、消减洋壳携带的海洋与陆源沉积物参与地幔源区的混合,形成本区基性岩脉的富集地幔源区,大离子亲石元素和轻稀土元素特别富集是俯冲流体与沉积物共同参与源区演化的结果.海边和赤湖基性岩脉形成的构造背景属于活动大陆边缘弧,构造性质应为活动陆缘拉张带(或裂谷带).晚白垩世和古新世,闽东南发生了地壳拉张事件,与中国东南部晚白垩世以来的地壳拉张期次是一致.
Perception of Farmers on Extension Services in North Western Part of Nigeria: The Case of Farming Households in Kano State  [PDF]
Hassan Ibrahim, Jing Zhou, Min Li, Qichang Chen
Journal of Service Science and Management (JSSM) , 2014, DOI: 10.4236/jssm.2014.72006

This study was conducted to determine the perception of farmers on extension services of ADP in Kano state of Nigeria. Multistage sampling technique was used, in which three local governments were randomly selected. Secondly, three wards (divisions under local government) from the selected local governments (Danbatta, Gaya and Madobi) were randomly selected. Thirdly, three villages (one from each ward) were selected. The total number of sample respondent was 120, i.e. 40 farming households from each village. The data collected were analyzed with SPSS using descriptive statistics, and Likert scale. The results revealed that, farmers of 35 years of age and below have the highest percentage and 105 out of 120 farmers interviewed were found to be literate. The farmers ranked radio as first extension methods, followed by farm and home visit. Finally, to satisfy their need, farmers should be involved in planning and implementation of extension service.

UNIPLAC’s Scientific Exhibition: 18 Years of History  [PDF]
Patricia Alves de Souza, Vanessa Freitas Bratti
Creative Education (CE) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ce.2015.617193
Abstract: This study was developed at Universidade do Planalto Catarinense—UNIPLAC, an university established since 1954, located in the city of Lages State of Santa Catarina, southern Brazil. The city of Lages has approximately 160,000 inhabitants. In 1997, the Planalto Catarinense University (UNIPLAC) created the Scientific Exhibition (Mostra Científica), intended to disclose scientific works brought about by their faculty, researchers and students. The goal is to identify UNIPLAC’s scientific output from 1997 to 2012 in the Scientific Exhibition. A survey of existing reports on the exhibition was executed. 3237 scientific works have been published since the creation of the event in 1997 until 2012. Initially, the Scientific Exhibition was intended for the presentation of degree requirement works and was extended to works of research and extension developed within UNIPLAC and other institutions. There was a considerable increase in the number of works presented along the years of Scientific Exhibition, and therefore there was also a greater integration between the university and the community. The exhibition motivates students to submit their ideas, writings and findings. The young scholar shows greater motivation towards his studies. Academic exchange operates in several ways: between teachers and students of an institution and towards colleagues from other institutions. The scientific and technological advancements of a nation depend on the quality of its researchers, on the awareness of its science and the interaction between industry and science.
Abattoir as a Tool for Veterinary Extension and Communication Services: A Practical Demonstration of Its Implementation  [PDF]
Shehu AbdulQadir Zailani, Sani Bello Nma, Nuhu Abubakar, Hassan Kanti Madu, Ahmad Tijjani Tinau
Open Journal of Veterinary Medicine (OJVM) , 2019, DOI: 10.4236/ojvm.2019.91001
Abstract: Considering the widespread disease transmission among butchers/meat inspectors and a possible risk of exposure to diseases due to the attitude of some butchers and nature of meat inspector’s jobs. Ignorance and lack of awareness of such dangers has also been identified to be responsible for some of the problems encountered in most instances as well as the presence of some predisposing factors for diseases. In view of the above, this model is developed as a means of demonstrating the use of the abattoir and other registered related slaughter premises in the provision of the physical facility, where the primary role of extension personnel to develop the capacity and capability of target groups in the abattoir and livestock producing community, in order to enhance animal/zoonotic disease surveillance and control. The model if adopted and fully utilized will create awareness among target groups of dangers of disease transmission and ways of curtailing such problems, government through their agencies, professionals and private organizations should be involved in the implementation of this model in order to achieve the desired response.
As perspectivas da cultura e extens?o no curso de enfermagem da Universidade Federal da Bahia
Paiva, Miriam Santos;Novaes, Valda Lucia Rocha de;
Revista Latino-Americana de Enfermagem , 1993, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-11691993000300012
Abstract: the present article emphasizes the importance of the university to maintain the indisociability among its finality activities whereas, at the moment, this indisociability shows up in a non compensated form. it comprehends a brief retrospective analysis of the extension activities, reporting the actual projects and the extension perspective at the college of nursing, federal university of bahia, directing the attention to the fact that extension ought to be developed through a process of articulation with teaching and research, as these activities are complementaries and different, but never unequal hierarchically.
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