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RCOE  2003 

La profesión dental en Espa?a. Análisis de la situación actual a partir de las ofertas formativas de educación continuada: Estudio piloto

DOI: 10.4321/S1138-123X2003000600002

Keywords: dental profession, current trends, postgraduate courses.

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objective: to understand the current trends in the dental profession in spain, from the analysis of the offers for postgraduate studies. material and method: the analysis was performed on a total of 529 offers appearing on 3 consecutive issues of the journals gaceta dental (3 months) and maxillaris (3 months), between september 2002 and february 2003. their subject, duration and organizer were considered. in addition, the annual reports of the general council of the professional associations of odontology and stomatology of spain corresponding to the years 2002 and 2003 (203 entries) were analyzed. results: courses on implantology were the most frequently offered (27.5%), followed by those on orthodontics (17.6%) and periodontics (6.1%). most of the offers (68.5%) were organized by private initiatives. 43.3% were short courses, 27.8% were of intermediate duration and 27.8% of the courses offered more than 60 teachy hours. from the courses offered by the official professional associations of odontology and stomatology, 70.5% are technically or technologically oriented.


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