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Do sólido ao fluido: contradi??o organizacional e paradoxo na reconstru??o de identidade

DOI: 10.1590/S1676-56482006000100010

Keywords: organizational identity, paradox, discursive contradiction, individual identity.

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in order to stimulate new understandings on paradox and discursive contradictions, this research examines how identity is formed and transformed in and around organization settings. it develops a conceptual scheme in which identity is constructed and reconstructed from perceived and evoked images, texts, affects, judgments and situations expressing something about ourselves and people we interact with. it also provides an illustration of the framework based on fictional events inspired by the study of a company in the furniture sector. broadly, this examination assumes that identity in organizations can be better understood if we pay more attention to the identity (re)construction process at an individual and interpersonal level of analysis. our research suggests that a better understanding of identity (re)construction at this level may profitably (a) challenge the way identity in organizations has been (traditionally and theoretically) approached; (b) illuminate processes of identity reflexivity, regulation and intervention by organizational members in everyday life at work and (c) stimulate new understandings on how some common paradox and discursive contradiction, appearing in organizational life, are related to identity.


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