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Estilos de Personalidad y Desadaptación Social Durante la Adolescencia

DOI: 10.4067/S0718-22282005000100001

Keywords: adolescents, personality, antisocial behavior.

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the present study was aimed at identifying personality traits in adolescent offenders. with this purpose, millon's adolescent clinical inventory (maci) was administered to a sample of 86 chilean male adolescents who had broken de law. data obtained were analyzed by a combination of an hj-biplot multivariate analysis and an analysis by conglomerates. these analyses yielded five groupings of personality profiles: (a) transgressor-delictual type "t-d", (b) the opossitionistic-selfdestructive type "o-a", (c) the inhibited-avoiding type "i-e", (d) the anxious-dependent type "d-a", and (e) the subclinical type "sub". these results are discussed in terms of the tentative importance that personality profiles may have as predictors of a greater probability of recursiveness and harmfulness of crimes committed by adolescents, as well as in terms of the relevance gained by personality assessment in adolescents, particularly in the context of judicial work.


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