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O talento jovem, a internet e o mercado de trabalho da "economia criativa"

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-71822011000300013

Keywords: young people, success, creative economy, internet, professionalization.

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increasing numbers of young people achieve success in the "real world" through the online exposition of their talents. this is an unprecedented phenomenon which the present paper submits to a preliminary analysis. consideration of these achievements solely as the result of successful individual initiatives is not enough to explain their numbers, , therefore another approach becomes necessary. the present paper presents an initial sketch of a theoretical integration which involves traditionally distinct areas in whose intersection the new phenomenon is situated: those of market economy, creativity and digital technologies. in this sketch, the concept of creative economy plays a central role insofar as it articulates these three areas. and it does so because it sees creativity as its driving force and digital technologies, mainly the internet, as both its condition of possibility and infrastructure. a few cases of success are presented and interpreted under the light of this theoretical framework.


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