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O que pode um corpo? O método Angel Vianna de conscientiza??o do movimento como um instrumento terapêutico

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-73312008000300011

Keywords: awareness of movement (angel vianna), creativity (winnicott), normativity (canguilhem), dance, body.

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in contrast with the traditional dance teaching, in which dance held together standardized body and movement, the angel vianna method of awareness of movement began its development for the teaching of classical ballet - and afterwards of body expression - that considered body and movement in its singularity. this original and authentic method of dealing with the body turned the awareness of movement also useful from a therapeutic viewpoint, applied to several areas in the health field. however, despite the fact that over the years the awareness of movement showed consistency and efficacy, its therapeutic application still occurs only through experience, lacking formalization of the theoretical-conceptual foundations that could give support to it as a therapeutic method in the health area. so our main objective in this paper was to propose a possible formalization of the theoretical-conceptual foundations that guide the awareness of movement in the health field. the research starts with our own experience, and uses the philosophical-conceptual method that allows us to demolish crystallized beliefs and propose a broader conception of the process health-illness. we believe that a therapeutic like the angel vianna method of awareness of movement can, through the body, help integrate the psycho-soma, amplifying the individual's health in its normative and creative capacity. although this method is a body practice that makes itself powerful in several aspects from its own experience, we found that its formalization, without falling in reductionisms or crystallizations, could bring an even greater vitality to its therapeutic application.


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