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Corpos consumidos: cultura de consumo gay carioca

DOI: 10.1590/S1984-92302012000200007

Keywords: consumption, culture, body, homosexuality, identity.

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the study of socially marginalized groups, such as gays and blacks, among others, is highly relevant since these minorities are virtually denied the status of members of modern consumer society (barbosa, 2006). this study aims to investigate how possession of body is used by gay men to deal with the stigma of homosexual identity. the study is based on participant observation in a group of gay men in the city of rio de janeiro, as well as 20 semi-structured interviews with gay men conducted between 2005 and 2008. the results suggest that: (i) the body is construct, and as such is sculpted and manipulated according to the esthetic standards of gay culture (ii) the group studied seeks an ideal of hyper-masculinity and (iii) the meanings associated with the body are used as a form of demarcation in gay culture. these results reveal a wide range of services linked to this consumption of the body by the group. the body is used as an "insignia" allowing each person to control, discipline, domesticate and constrain his body to attain "good form", or the form required by the group.


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