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Aplica??o de auxinas e incis?o anelar em pessegueiros cv. sentinela

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782003000200011

Keywords: prunus persica, crop precocity, ripinig maturity, fruit quality, auxins.

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with the objective of advancing crop and increasing the final size of the fruit of cultivating of peach tree sentry in the area of the central depression of rs, applications of two synthesis auxin were accomplished 3,5,6 -tpa (acid 3,5,6 - tricloropiridiloxiacético) and 2,4-dp (acid 2,4-diclorofenoxipropi?nico) and the use of the incision to pant in branches. the evaluation was accomplished among the agricultural years of 1998 and 1999, in the agronomic experimental station of the federal university of rio grande do sul (ufrgs), located in eldorado of the south, rs to the latitude 30°39's and longitude 51°06'w. the experimental design was of blocks randomized with four repetitions and treatments: 1) 3,5,6-tpa 10 mg l-1; 2) 3,5,6-tpa 20 mg l-1; 3) 3,5,6-tpa 30 mg l-1; 4) 3,5,6-tpa 20 mg l-1 + inis?o to pant; 5) 2,4-dp 25 mg l-1; 6) 2,4-dp 50 mg l-1; 7) 2,4-dp 75 mg l-1; 8) 2,4-dp 50 mg l-1 + anelamento; 9) incision to pant and 10) witness. the treatments were made in the phase of lignification of the endocarp - stadium ii - in the days in plants previously submitted to the manual fruit thinning on the 17/09/99. already for the treatments with auxins, especially 3,5,6 tpa 20 mg l-1 with incision to pant or they didn't advance the crop about 15 days. the treatments did not affect the quality of the fruits in terms of pulp firmness. the tenor of total soluble solids (tenor of sugar) in a way not very egg white, not evidencing to your influences in the tenor of sugar of the fruit.


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