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The Physical Principles Elucidate Numerous Atmospheric Behaviors and Human-Induced Climatic Consequences  [PDF]
Ernani Sartori
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2012, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2012.24045
Abstract: The principles that govern the operation of an open and a closed evaporator are relevant for the understanding of the open and “closed” Earth’s atmospheric behaviors, and are thus described. In these greenhouses, the water is included, otherwise the heat and mass balances do not match. It is incorrect to consider the radiation as the only energy transfer factor for an atmospheric warming. Demonstrations show that when the greenhouse effect and the cloud cover increase, the evaporation and the wind naturally decrease. Researchers did not understand why reductions in surface solar radiation and pan evaporation have been simultaneous with increased air temperature, cloudiness and precipitation for the last decades. It is an error to state that the evaporation increases based solely on the water and/or air temperatures increase. Also, researchers did not comprehend why in the last 50 years the clouds and the precipitation increased while the evaporation decreased and they named such understanding as the “evaporation paradox”, while others “found” “the cause” violating the laws of thermodynamics, but more precipitation is naturally conciliatory with less evaporation. The same principle that increases the formation of clouds may cause less rainfall. Several measurements confirm the working principles of greenhouses described in this paper. The hydrological cycle is analyzed and it was also put in form of equation, which analyses have never been done before. The human influence alters the velocity of the natural cycles as well as the atmospheric heat and mass balances, and the evaporation has not been the only source for the cloud formation. It is demonstrated that the Earth’s greenhouse effect has increased in some places and this proof is not based only on temperatures.
Climate Changes: How the Atmosphere Really Works  [PDF]
Ernani Sartori
Open Journal of Applied Sciences (OJAppS) , 2015, DOI: 10.4236/ojapps.2015.54016
Abstract: Top concepts adopted by the current science on climate changes or atmospheric warming are not in agreement with the first principles of the physics. This paper presents a new understanding on the atmospheric behaviors. For example, the radiation is not the only factor that influences the air temperature, as the law of conservation of energy defines and as shown physically and mathematically in this article. The Sun is not the only heat source for the atmosphere because there is generation of heat at the Earth’s surface by human activities. It is also shown that the water vapor is not a null effect and that the water vapor cannot be removed from the atmosphere for air temperature, greenhouse effect and climate changes considerations, in contrast to the current literature beliefs. The “feedback” concept is unfounded and invalid. The literature also says that “water vapor increases as the Earth’s atmosphere warms”, but this is also incorrect. The above equivocated understanding is accompanied by another one which believes that more water evaporates if the air temperature increases, but it is not in this way. These demonstrations and other authors’ surveys showing that in the last decades the planet became wetter eliminate the literature concept that the water vapor does not have influence on the atmospheric warming/cooling. The conventional water cycle is related to the mass of water (mass of evaporation \"\" mass of precipitation) and then the physical and mathematical principles of the new hydrological cycle that includes the direct human influence are shown. The same is done for the carbon cycle. It is solved the problem on why the wind speed on Venus is very high above the cloud deck while it is stagnant below it, being this the same physical principle valid for the Earth’s cloud cover. In the atmosphere, all the corresponding principles are the same, only their amounts change. It is demonstrated that the CO2 is not decisive for building and changing the temperatures of Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Earth. Ice cores are not valid for “determining” “past” temperatures of the planet, because the mass of their air bubbles may be old, but the corresponding temperatures are not.
Trabalho infantil em Franca: um laboratório das lutas sociais em defesa da crian?a e do adolescente
Sartori, Elisiane;
Cadernos Pagu , 2006, DOI: 10.1590/S0104-83332006000100011
Abstract: this paper proposes a reflection on the process of awareness gain and mobilization around the theme of child labor, the social struggles against the elimination of this practice, and the process of implementation of one of the most active programs in the area - the ipec (international programme on the elimination of child labour). through a brief retrospective history of the inclusion of the theme of child labor on both the national and international agendas, this work describes the performance of the social actors participating in the process of discussion and preparation of projects and programs for eradicating child labor. it also discusses the consolidation of the social movements engaged in defending (the rights of) children and adolescents. the analysis of the representations of child labor inside the family and in the daily routine of both children and adolescents is permeated by the gender issue, which is verified in the words of children, adolescents, and their families.
Novità epigrafiche a Milano: finalmente Novità epigrafiche a Milano: finalmente
Antonio Sartori
Lanx , 2009, DOI: 10.6092/2035-4797/220
Abstract: Si propongono rapide considerazioni sullo stato non brillante dell’epigrafia latina oggi e si presentano le novità epigrafiche milanesi dgli ultimi anni. We propose some short considerations about the lacklustre condition of latin epigraphy nowadays; in the meantime we illustrate the latest novelties (discoveries, researches, projects and activities) in the field of Latin Epigraphy in Milan and in its neighbourhood.
Un improbabile precursore di Gutenberg? Un improbabile precursore di Gutenberg?
Antonio Sartori
Lanx , 2010, DOI: 10.6092/2035-4797/491
Abstract: The reconsideration of the small silver foil epigraph of the so called “Tesoro di Marengo” clarly demonstrates that the inscription has been made not “per mezzo di punzoni e stampi”, as proposed by the first publisher and never more discussed, but using a deep-drawing technique applied to the upper side, which the succeeding phases of deepening, rethink, corrections to many imperfections can be followed of.
Tatiane Sartori
Revista de Gest?o e Secretariado , 2011,
Abstract: Organizational behavior is a field of study that investigates the impact that individuals, groups and structure have in the organizations in order to use this knowledge to promote the improvement of organizational effectiveness (CHIAVENATO, 1999). The Executive Secretary is in this context because when working with people not just leadership but the other employees of the organization its behavior should be analyzed so that it can improve and add value to their daily work, as well as, in the decisions that will have. In this study we used the quantitative research that to Roech (2005), is the kind of research examining the data obtained is used for statistical analysis, seeks to ensure accuracy of the results, avoiding distortions of analysis and interpretations. The techniques of data collection are: interviews, questionnaires, tests and observation. Data collection was done through questionnaires sent to the Executive Secretaries of companies located in Porto Alegre (RS) and the Metropolitan Area, and returned by email. The research was also the type Survey that to Roech (2005) is based on an interrogation of the participants which will be made to several questions that are of interest to the researcher. This method has the advantage, firstly, the application, and second, the data obtained are reliable because the answers are limited to the alternatives mentioned and the use of fixed response reduces the variability in results that can be caused by differences interviewed. Com o avan o da Globaliza o e o aumento da busca por bons resultados, o ser humano precisa, cada vez mais, de algo que o fa a perseguir seus objetivos e os de sua empresa. Em todo este contexto de melhorias contínuas, o empregado busca o melhor para a organiza o demonstrando dedica o ao seu trabalho, e esta, por sua vez, deve demonstrar o reconhecimento deste colaborador. Em fun o deste contexto, vê-se a importancia de se estudar o comportamento humano no trabalho, onde pode-se identificar quais s o os pontos importantes neste processo no contraponto da organiza o versus colaborador. A Secretária Executiva tem entra neste contexto, pois ao trabalhar com várias pessoas, n o somente chefia, seu comportamento deve ser analisado para que esta possa melhorar e agregar valor ao seu trabalho diário, bem como nas decis es que deverá tomar. Este estudo visa mostrar, através de um estudo realizado com Secretárias Executivas, em uma pesquisa onde utilizou-se o método quantitativo descritivo com análise no método Survey sendo as respostas obtidas através do questionário onde foi possível o
Signo del "sol naciente"
Pablo Sartori
Revista Argentina de Radiología , 2012,
Signo de la Cruz
Pablo Sartori
Revista Argentina de Radiología , 2010,
Politics out of the History of Politics La politica fuori dalla storia della politica
Diana Sartori
Scienza & Politica : per una Storia delle Dottrine , 2012, DOI: 10.6092/issn.1825-9618/3199
Abstract: Wendy Brown’s approach in Politics out of History is characterized by an attempt to analyze the presence of the past which can be read not only under the light of Nietzsche’s legacy, but also through a comparison with Hannah Arendt’s conception of the gap between the past and the future. Like Arendt, Brown aims to look at the present as the site of politics and freedom, even though the former conceives the break with tradition as the unavoidable starting point, while the latter assumes that that break is not fully accomplished because it was not recognized. Rather, it produces Wounded Attachments whose effect is that of limiting the possibility of left criticism. Moving from this parallel, Brown’s analysis is compared to the Italian philosophy of sexual difference, stressing their common interest in thinking freedom beyond a female identity built on a presumed common oppression. L’approccio di Wendy Brown in La politica fuori dalla storia è caratterizzato dallo sforzo di pensare il peso del passato nel presente. Questo sforzo può essere letto non solo attraverso l’esplicita eredità di Nietzsche, ma anche attraverso un confronto con Hannah Arendt e la sua concezione della lacuna tra il passato e il futuro. Come Arendt, Brown cerca di considerare il presente come il luogo dell’azione politica e della libertà, ma mentre la prima pensa la rottura con la tradizione come un punto di partenza inevitabile, la seconda ritiene che quella rottura non si sia pienamente compiuta, perché non viene riconosciuta. Perciò, essa produce attaccamenti feriti il cui effetto è quello di limitare le possibilità della critica di sinistra. Muovendo da questo parallelo Brown viene letta accanto alla filosofia della differenza sessuale italiana, per mostrare il loro comune interesse a pensare la libertà al di là di un’identità femminile basata su di una presunta comune oppressione.
L’immaginazione nell’arte e la musica del Big Bang: intervista al compositore Claudio Ambrosini
Sartori Sabrina
JCOM : Journal of Science Communication , 2005,
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