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Anelamento e incis?o anelar em fruteiras de caro?o

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782005000300040

Keywords: prunus persica, harvest anticipation, fruit quality.

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growing peaches is of high economic importance in south of brazil and the state of rio grande do sul is the biggest brazilian producer. largest part of the orchards are located in the southern half. one of the main problems of peach production for fresh consumption in this area is the reduced size of the fruits. another problem is the short harvesting window, which brings difficulties to commercialization. girdling and/or ringing of branches might be used to increase fruti size and eventually extend the harvesting period. the present review intends to gather data regarding the most adequate period to apply treatments, to understand the physiological aspects and problems associated with these practices on stone fruit trees. girdling and ringing of stone fruit trees might be useful to improve quality and anticipate harvest period of early ripening cultivars. it is necessary to conduct local studies for different species and cultivars. recomendations should be specific for each situation and girdling and ringing together with other pratices to induce early ripening might help to anticipate harvest and ameliorate organoleptic of the fruit.


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