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Componentes de produ??o de pinh?o manso irrigado com água de diferentes condutividades elétrica e doses de fósforo

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-84782012000600009

Keywords: jatropha curcas l., salinity, phosphorus nutrition, weight of seeds, oil content.

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the physic nut has attracted considerable interest in recent years because of the high potential to provide oil for biofuel production and this has caused the rapid expansion of cultivated area worldwide. this research aimed to evaluate the influence of irrigation with water of different electrical conductivity (ecw) and two doses of phosphorus on the production components of physic nut during the third year of production. a randomized block design in a factorial (5x2) was adopted with four repetitions, with five levels of salinity (ecw - 0.6 control; 1.2; 1.8; 2.4 and 3.0ds m-1) of the irrigation water and two doses of p2o5 (135 and 200g plant-1 year-1), in which the water of 0.6ds m-1 refers to municipal supply water and the dose of 135g plant-1 is the recommended dose for physic nut. plants were cultivated in recipient of 200l and irrigated at intervals of three days. the number of days for inflorescence, number of clusters plant-1, grain yield and oil content of physic nut seeds were negatively affected by the increasing salinity of the irrigated water. the cultivation of physic nut irrigated with electrical conductivity of 1.3ds m-1 reduces the productivity by 10% and consequently the seed oil content. only the number of days for inflorescence was affected by phosphorus doses. a positive and significant correlation between weight of 100 seeds and oil content of seeds was observed and in the treatment with the lowest ecw the values obtained were respectively 90.26g and 36.39%.


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