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Ceramica  2011 

Resistência à eros?o de concretos refratários de alta alumina nanoligados

DOI: 10.1590/S0366-69132011000200016

Keywords: nanobonded refractory castables, colloidal silica, erosion resistance.

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nanobonded refractory castables for erosion wear applications is of important interest based on recent publications that suggest the use of this route as an alternative to substitute the calcium aluminate cements. in this work, the cold erosion resistance of high-alumina refractory castables containing colloidal silica and a blend of colloidal silica and hydratable alumina as bonding agents were comparated to commercial calcium aluminate cement containing alumina refractory castable, specified by the producer as a suitable material for erosion wear applications. the results showed higher performance for the colloidal silica bonded castables, suggesting the use of this bonding system in the development of refractory castables for erosion wear applications. the ratio between the hot modulus of rupture and the eroded volume has also been shown as a relevant technique for the refractories selection in such environments.


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