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Angra dos Reis reactor neutrino oscillation experiment

DOI: 10.1590/S0103-97332006000700003

Keywords: reactor neutrinos, neutrino oscillations, neutrino mixing angle, safeguards and non-proliferation.

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we present the status and plans of the angra project, a new reactor neutrino oscillation experiment, proposed to be built in brazil at the angra dos reis nuclear complex. this experiment is aimed to measure q13, the last unknown of the three neutrino mixing angles. we propose a high sensitivity multi-detector experiment, able to reach a sensitivity to antineutrino disappearance down to sin2 2q13 = 0.006 in a three years running period, by combining a high luminosity design, very low background from cosmic rays and careful control of systematic errors. we also intend to explore the possibility to use the neutrino detector for purposes of safeguards and non-proliferation of nuclear weapons.


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