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Biological nitrogen removal over nitritation/denitritation using phenol as carbon source

DOI: 10.1590/S0104-66322011000200004

Keywords: ammonia, phenol, nitritation, denitritation.

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a laboratory scale activated sludge sequencing batch reactor was operated in order to obtain total removal of influent ammonia (200; 300 and 500 mg nh3-n.l-1) with sustained nitrite accumulation at the end of the aerobic stages with phenol (1,000 mg c6h5oh.l-1) as the carbon source for denitrifying microorganisms during the anoxic stages. ammonia removal above 95% and ratios of (no2--n / (no2--n + no3--n)) ranging from 89 to 99% were obtained by controlling the dissolved oxygen concentration (1.0 mg o2.l-1) and the ph value of 8.3 during the aerobic stages. phenol proved to be an adequate source of carbon for nitrogen removal via nitrite with continuous feeding throughout part of the anoxic stage. nitrite concentrations greater than 70.0 mg no2--n.l-1 inhibited the biological denitritation process.


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