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Development of Lutzomyia intermedia and Lutzomyia longipalpis (Diptera: Psychodidae: Phlebotominae) larvae in different diets

DOI: 10.1590/S1519-69842001000300009

Keywords: phlebotominae, vectors, diets, fungi effects.

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the objective of this research was to evaluate, in laboratory, the development of lutzomyia intermedia and lutzomyia longipalpis (diptera: psychodidae: phlebotominae) larvae, vectors of leishmaniasis in brazil, in the following diets: industrialized food for rabbits, dogs, hamsters and aquarium fishes, besides liver powder, cooked lettuce, wheat germ, beer yeast, oat, wheat bran and a diet denominated aged food. except wheat bran for l. intermedia, all diets provided adequate development for both species, which showed that any of them can be used in laboratory insectaries for these insects. l. intermedia showed better development with most nutritious diets and both species presented better development with aged food. fungi as an additional nutrient source for l. intermedia and l. longipalpis is suggested.


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