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Production of tannase by Aspergillus tamarii in submerged cultures

DOI: 10.1590/S1516-89132008000200021

Keywords: aspergillus tamarii, enzyme, fungal biomass, submerged cultures, tannase, tannins.

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the production of tannase by aspergillus tamarii was studied in submerged cultures. the fungus produced an extracellular tannase after two days of growth in mineral medium containing tannic acid, gallic acid and methyl gallate as carbon source. the best result was obtained using gallic acid as inducer (20.6 u/ml). the production of enzyme was strongly repressed by the presence of glucose. crude enzyme was optimally active at ph 5.0 and 30o c. the enzyme was stable in a large range of ph and up to the temperature of 45o c.


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