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Bragantia  1941 

Experiências de cavalos para citrus I

DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051941000800001

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1 - the present paper deals with the first results of an extensive study on the relations between stock and scion in citrus, in progress at the experiment station of limeira, of the instituto agron?mico of campinas, s?o paulo, brazil, since 1933. 2 - all the scions used belong to three commercial varieties : baianinha (orange, derived from "washington navel"), pera (orange, similar to valencia) and pomelo (grape-fruit "marsh-seedless") were collected in each case from one individual of each type. 3 - the following 12 stock were studied : laranja azeda (sour orange) laranja agro-doce (bitter sweet orange) laranja caipira (sweet orange) laranja lima (sweet orange) tangerina cravo (tangerine) lim?o cravo (rangpur lime) lim?o rugoso (rough lemon) lim?o ponderosa (ponderosa lemon) lima da pérsia (sweet lime) pomelo (grape-fruit triumph) cidra (citron) trifoliata (poncirus trifoliata). all plants obtained came from seeds of one tree of each type, from unprotected flowers however. 4 - data referring to the number of seeds per fruit, germination, polyembriony and classification according to size are given (quadro i). the mean height of the plants obtained after 6 months and 2 years nursery are to be found in quadro ii. 5 - twelve hundred individuals of each root stock were selected according to their uniform development, in accordance with webber (25) and on 40 of each buds of the three scions were grafted. as measure of the development the circumference of the stock at a height of 20 cm and that of the scion at a height of 40 cm were used (quadros iv to ix). 6 - an analysis of variance "between" and "within" root stocks (quadro vi) showed in all cases a significant high variation "between" stock. in all cases, the scions were thinner than the stocks (quadro ix), the indices scion-stock varying from ca. 0,5 to 0,8. the respective means are to be found in quadro iv and v. 7 - there is also a consistent and significant difference between scions as shown by the values in quadr


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