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Bragantia  1974 

Efeitos da precipita??o pluvial e da temperatura sobre o desenvolvimento de Aceria mangiferae Sayed, 1946 (Acarina: eriophyidae) como praga da mangueira (Mangifera indica L.) no estado de S?o Paulo

DOI: 10.1590/S0006-87051974000100014

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for the study of potential development condition of aceria mangiferae sayed in s?o paulo state, a comparative analysis was done between the climatic parameters of this state and the indian region where the mango is explored economically. data on dynamic of the mite population indicated that there was a reduction of the organism in our conditions due to excess of rain as well as due to air temperature below 10°c. the number of rainny days appears to be more important than the total rainfall. a period of 6 to 7 days without rain associated an increase in mites in buds of fruit trees. the macroclimatic analysis indicated that the prevalent conditions in s?o paulo state seems to be normally unfavorable to aceria mangiferae, except in sporadic high temperature and dry weather conditions.


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