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Preocupa??es de m?es e pais, na gravidez, parto e pós-parto

Keywords: parenthood, anxiety, concerns.

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the aim of the research presented was to study parental concerns related to specific adverse life events, during transition to parenthood, in particular, differences between mothers and fathers concerning the occurrence, intensity and variation of these concerns over the period of time considered. to reach these aims, the concerns with life events questionnaire (cleq) was filled in by a sample of women and men (n=250) at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pregnancy trimesters, 15 days after delivery and at 3rd postpartum month. results showed that both mothers and fathers exhibit the same profile related to concerns and that economical area (familiar income) and the present pregnancy dominate parental concerns. both in women and men, concerns reveal identical stability over time, except for adverse life events concerning to family and interpersonal context and to the present pregnancy, which decrease over pregnancy and postpartum period. the different concerns revealed by mothers and fathers during transition to parenthood can have a differential impact in the usual increase of anxiety observed in this period. the temporal stability found in economic and social concerns can contribute to a type of cronic stress. concerns related to familiar and interpersonal situations and to the present pregnancy, in particular concerning to infant?s health and well-being, are more pontual and can be associated to the developmental tasks which caractherize this period. due to that they decrease with the adaptation to the parental role. we believe that the intervention of health professionals and researchers, with the purpose of promote parental adjustment during this demanding phase of their lives and decrease morbidity associated to transition to parenthood, should be focused in the major areas of parental concerns.


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