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Fossil record of the Andean rat, Andinomys edax (Rodentia: Cricetidae), in Argentina

Keywords: northwestern argentina, paleontological record, quaternary.

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andinomys edax (rodentia, cricetidae) has a broad distribution in the central andean region. the fossil record is restricted to only three localities from lower-middle pleistocene in bolivia to upper holocene in argentina. recent field work in northwestern argentina produced five new paleontological localities: las juntas, catamarca (13.4 - 12.95 kyr bp); inca cueva 4, jujuy (11 - 9 kyr bp); tafí del valle, tucumán (10.25 - 9.75 kyr bp); los viscos, catamarca (1.88 kyr bp); and la cueva, jujuy (0.95 kyr bp). the paleontological data indicate that a. edax has been a ubiquitous sigmodontine in northwestern argentina since the upper pleistocene.


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