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Elabora??o de fiambre com emuls?o de carne mista e gordura de frango (Gallus gallus), sem e com pele

DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761987000100013

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chicken loaves (emulsion type) were prepared with light and dark meat from broiler hand deboned breasts and legs, chicken fat, with and without skin. the meat was cured and smoked. processing yields were 1.10 - 1.22 1b of final product for each 1b of meat (or 0.38 - 0.42 1b for each 1b of ready-to-cook bird); the yield was higher for loaves containing skin. this meat ingredient (at 10% level) had no significant influence on quality and chemical composition of the product, which had approximately 64.9% of moisture, 18.4% of protein (moisture/protein ratio = 3.5), 12.6% of fat, 2.4% of sodium chloride and 63 ppm od sodium nitrite. the ph of the loaves averaged 6.1. storage of the loaves at -25°c for 30 days apparently did not affect quality.


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