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Contribui??o ao conhecimento do Cruá (Sicana odorifera Naud.)

DOI: 10.1590/S0071-12761986000200004

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the experiment was done in order to increase the knowledge of cruá (sicana odorifera naud.) of the appreciable quality, as well to evaluate some aspects related to morphology in the initial growth. the seeds utilized in the experiment were obtained in perfect conditions and some in greenhouse of didactic vegetagle garden, botany department esalq. the seeds were arranged in two positions at sowing: horizontal and vertical. substratum utilized was mixture of forest soiland river sand. it was verified that positions of seeds do not affected germination, but to morphological characters there was significative differences. to length of future principal root (cr), length of petiole (cp) it was detected significance at 5% level, also for distance between cotyledonous leaves to insertion of definitive first leaf (dfcifd), length of limb (cl) and breadth of limb (ll) were detected significances at 1% level. these significances refered to seeds in the horizontal position. the distance between collum to insertion of cotyledonous leaves (dcifc) was not significative.


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