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A concep??o de "movimento" em Lettres portugaises: novo momento na representa??o da subjetividade ocidental

DOI: 10.1590/S1517-106X2006000200004

Keywords: french novel of the xvii century, semantics, constitution of intimacy [subjectivity].

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the text is a search about the use of the word mouvement (in french) in the novel lettres portugaises (1669). the analysis of the incidences of the word (one time in each one of the five letters) helps us to focus in a determined phase of the development of a new conception of the subjectivity in western culture. some senses of mouvement are compared to the aristotelian, the stoic and medieval senses of "passion" (pathos) (auerbach). entries of mouvement and émotion in two editions of the dicctionnaire de l'académie fran?oise (1694-1740) helps us to broaden the comprehension of the semantics of mouvement - and émotion, as one of its derivatives - in the cited novel as to clarify the constitution of the narrative of the variations of intimacy in our culture.


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