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Heran?a do formato do fruto em tomateiro do grupo cereja

DOI: 10.1590/S0102-05362008000400014

Keywords: lycopersicon esculentum mill, breeding, genetics.

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the tomato fruit shape is a result of action of various gene loci that can act in several ways: alone, with pleiotropic effects or interacting with each other or with genes responsible for the fruit weight. according to this, the study of the inheritance of this characteristic, very important for the improvement of the species, is complex and difficult to implement. this work was carried out at the horticultural and experimentation section of josé do rosário vellano university, during the period of july 2003 through march, 2005 with the objective to determine the fruit shape of the cherry tomato plant. two wild genotype contrasting tomato plants were utilised with the fruit shape: long fruit shape (lf) and round fruit shape (rf). reciprocal crosses and backcross were realised and the fruit shape was evaluated in the generations origininated from these crosses. all plants of the f1 generation produced round shape fruit. in the f2 generation, 111 plants produced round fruit shape and 47 plants produced long fruit shape. on the backcross generation (f1 x lf) 47 plants produced round fruit shape and 42 plants produced long fruit shape. these results when analysed by chi square, confirmed mendelian segregation 3:1 and 1:1 respectively. it was concluded that the studied fruit shape has monogenic inheritance. the allele that determines fruit round shape has complete dominance over the allele that determines elongated shape fruit with possible action of the sun locus.


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