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Os espa?os/tempos da pesquisa sobre o professor

DOI: 10.1590/S1517-97022002000200006

Keywords: space/time , scientific production , sbpc , teacher.

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the article analyzes how the issue of the teacher appears in the brazilian scientific literature. it is based on the discourse found at the brazilian society for the progress of science (sbpc) meetings, a society that congregates scientists from all areas of knowledge, and is representative of the scientific production of teachers and graduate students from various brazilian regions and institutions. the work makes use of a historical-documental approach; its sources of information are the abstracts published in the society's annals of 2001 and from the 1980s. results show: a. an extraordinary increase in the number of papers on the teacher, and the continuing evidence of their institutional (public university) and regional (southeastern) origin; b. a change of emphasis in the themes, from the education of higher education teachers to the pedagogical practice that takes place in the elementary school everyday life; c. a change in the methodological approach, from the exploratory-descriptive studies to the critical research-action concerned with the intervention in the elementary school everyday life. the article asserts the negation of the spaces/times of the scientific production on the teacher, because spaces/times are actions of historical agents, exhibiting exchanges and collective sharing, and not the determination of the "proper place" of the researcher and/or of "stamped authorship". the discourses presented seemed, each one of them, to occupy their isolated "proper place", preventing their understanding as the whole of the work on the issue of the teacher, failing to reveal the fabric of a collective theme with its genesis in the spaces/times of the academy in its relationship with the social and educational reality of brazil.


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