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Análise da eficácia do laser de baixa potência no tratamento da dor tendínea em ratos imunossuprimidos

DOI: 10.1590/S1809-29502011000400007

Keywords: laser therapy, low-level, achilles tendon, tendinopathy, pain measurement.

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the commitment of immune system, which may be presented by individuals with chronic diseases, leading to a low immune response. one of the treatments used for acute injuries in tendons is the low-power laser, however there is a gap in relation to its use in immunosuppression. the objective of this study was to analyze if low-level laser therapy is effective for the treatment of pain in immunosuppressed rats subjected to trauma tendon. we used 23 male rats of wistar strain, divided randomly in three groups: control group, placebo and laser. the animals were immunosuppressed (by administration of cyclosporin a) and underwent right achilles tendon injury, with impact of about 0.40 j. for treatment, we used low-level laser, 670 nm, 30 mw and 2 j/cm2, during 3 days. pain assessment was performed by the functional incapacitation test and von frey filament digital. the results showed a reduction of functional pain and pressure pain on the plantar surface and the injured site (right achilles tendon) for the laser group. therefore, we concluded that the low-power laser is effective for reducing pain in immunosuppressed rats subjected to trauma tendon.


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