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Evaluación agronómica y sensorial de fríjol (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) mejorado nutricionalmente en el norte del departamento del Cesar, Colombia

Keywords: beans (phaseolus vulgaris l.), food fortified, food analysis, sensory evaluation, consumer satisfaction, food preferences.

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objective: agronomic and sensory evaluation of nutritionally enhanced beans and a traditional bean was completed to determine the genotype most likely to be adopted. materials and methods: the study was completed in cesar (colombia), and comprised three phases: 1) evaluation of the acceptance of 35 biofortified bean seeds by 331 bean producers and consumers, 2) agronomic and nutritional evaluation of the eight highest rated beans, and 3) sensorial evaluation by 273 persons in comparison with a regional bean. the four genotypes with the best agronomic and nutritional results were evaluated with acceptability tests, and for the best rated, preference tests and triangular discrimination were also applied. results: the most accepted seeds were two each of the following colors: black, cream, red and pink striped. the four best beans with respect to yield, food safety, and iron and zinc contents included a genotype of each color. compared with a local bean, the four had the same acceptability scores for smell, color and taste (p> 0.05), and different scores for texture and consistency (p <0.05), favoring the biofortified beans, and the black line in particular. with the black bean and a local bean, a recipe was prepared. evaluators discriminated between the two beans and there were differences in the acceptability of certain sensory characteristics in favor of the biofortified line. conclusions: biofortified bean genotypes showed better yield, food safety, and iron and zinc content than the local bean. the four best presented some sensorial differences compared to the control, in favor of the biofortified bean, and specifically the black genotype.


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