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Diánoia  2010 

?Son problemáticos para el veritismo la naturaleza y el valor del entendimiento?

Keywords: veritistic epistemology, epistemic value, cognitive ability, explanation, sistematicity.

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this paper examines a series of recent objections to veritistic epistemology that aim to show that it cannot account for the nature and value of understanding. section 1 formulates the central tenets of veritistic epistemology and makes a few more preliminary remarks. sections 2 and 3 discuss objections that attempt to show that cognitive states implicated in understanding have a sui generis nature which makes the veritistic model of evaluation inapplicable to them. sections 4 and 5 examine objections that aim to show that there are aspects of understanding which are epistemically valuable, whose value cannot be explained in veritistic terms. section 6 sums up results of the discussion: none of the objections discussed succeeds in revealing any explanatory deficit of veritism with respect to the nature and value of understanding.


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