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ACIMED  2004 

Visibilidad de las publicaciones cubanas en el Indice Mexicano de Revistas Biomédicas Latinoamericanas

Keywords: cuban journals, informetrics, cybermetrics, cybermetric indicators, indicators of popularity.

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popularity and visibility of serial cuban publication′s in the mexican index of latin american biomedical journals (imbiomed) are analyzed take into account some cibermetric indicators selected to fulfill this purpose. the countries with the greater contributions to imbiomed, the most discussed subjects and the number of website visits from 1999 to 2004 as well as its distribution, the most productive authors, the most frecuency read and downloaded article among others were determined. aimed at determining the most popular cuban journals a general index was develop according to position of each serial publication according to individual indicators. imbiomed processes 98 biomedical serial publications from 9 countries among then cuba and mexico having 58 and 29 respectively were the best represented. among the 36 specialties treated in imbiomed the most important were general medicine, pediatrics, neurology, odontology and oncology. the cuban journal′s of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, general integral medicine were the most frecuently downloded in the research period. acta medica presented the highest download average according to proccesed article (24.5). the revista cubana de obstetricia y ginecología and the revista cubana de pediatría reached the highest popularity indexes. imbiomed is a valuable tool for professionals of latin america. the spread of its documental coverage facilitates the use of latin american medical and scientific production as well as the assessment of visibility and popularity of biomedical journals of this region according to cibermetric indicators.


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