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Los nenes con los nenes, las nenas con las nenas: relaciones de género en el arte rupestre del sitio Los Cerrillos, Valle Calchaquí Norte (Pcia. de Salta, Argentina)
La zaranda de ideas , 2010,
Abstract: in the last decades, gender archaeology has gained increasing importance in world archaeology (see gero and conkey 1991; brumfield 1996; escoriza mateu 2002; among others). nonetheless, in our country this topic has been scarcely explored. in this paper, i seek to analyze the way gender relations were represented in a particular site of the northern calchaqui valley during the late period -900/1470 dc- (tarragó 1974). through the study of the petroglyphs found in los cerrillos site, and centering in the analysis of anthropomorphic representations, i aim to explore the way gender relations were produced and reproduced through the narrative that los cerrillos rock art offered. i conclude that the male and female representations are quantitatively different, expressing an explicit discourse through which gender differences were highlighted.
The problem of extensional adequacy for Devitt's rigid appliers
An??lisis filos?3fico , 2009,
Abstract: in the present paper, i examine how michael devitt's proposal as to how to understand the notion of rigidity for general terms fares as regards what i have called the 'criterion of extensional adequacy' for any such notion -namely, the condition according to which any notion of general term rigidity should make the class of rigid terms coincide with that of natural kind terms. i try to show that devitt's defense of his view from the usual objections raised in the literature fails. in the first place, the proposal seems to overgeneralize, as terms such as 'television set' or 'table', would also be rigid appliers; as i try to show here, the arguments presented by devitt in order to show that that is not the case are based on some alleged properties of those terms that are also true of some of the expressions he does consider as rigid. in the second place, the proposal also undergeneralizes; even though devitt himself accepts that this is so, i try to show that his strategy to lessen the disappointment this causes also fails.
Introduction: General term rigidity and Devitt's rigid appliers
An??lisis filos?3fico , 2009,
Abstract: in this essay, i present a problem that originates in kripke's contention, in naming and necessity, that natural kind terms are rigid, namely, the problem of how to understand the notion of rigidity when it is applied to general terms. i also give an account, in a principled way, of the main theoretical options that seem to be available to solve that problem, and sketch the main features of michael devitt's proposal against that background.
El paralelo Rusia/Estados Unidos en Francia y la formación de una identidad "occidental": usos políticos tempranos, de Le Trosne a Tocqueville y Beaumont
Prismas , 2009,
Abstract: one of the most important aspects of the making of "western" identity is the way in which it symbolically constructed geographical space. the exclusion of russia from the symbolical space of europe, and the inclusion of the usa as part of the same "western" world, are two of the most important shifts in the ideological construction of geographical space and in the liberal narrative of "civilization". this article examines one of the images that contributed the most to the success of those shifts: the parallel russia/usa, that is, the comparison of the two nations as embodying opposing historical "principles" for the future of humankind. the parallel russia/usa was popularized by tocqueville in 1835, and thereafter became part of commonsensical geographical imagination -especially during the cold war-. however, it has an older and revealing "prehistory". the evolution in the meaning, and the remarkable success, of the parallel russia/usa constitutes an important chapter in the story of the emergence of a liberal narrative of "the west". as despotism and social egalitarianism (and therefore socialism) were expelled from european identity as something alien, characteristic of 'uncivilized' countries like russia, the usa emerged as the model for the successful (liberal) transformation of turbulent europe. by finding in american society a model able to articulate wider political consensus to legitimize capitalist institutions, european (liberal) identity went "western". the parallel russia/usa was fundamental to justify this shift.
Usos de la idea de "clase media" en Francia: La imaginación social y geográfica en la formación de la sociedad burguesa
Prohistoria , 2010,
Abstract: the idea of middle class has received notable scholarly attention in recent times. most contributions tend to focus on the political functions of that idea in the making of bourgeois order after the crisis of ancien régime institutions, and/or in the mobilization of political support to counterweight the tide of lower-class radicalism. less attention has been paid, however, to the uses of the idea of middle class in the making of international order in the era of europe's imperial expansion. this article seeks to explore those two different (but interconnected) uses of the idea of middle class in france -"internal" and "external"- and to argue that both played a fundamental role in the social and geographical imagination that shaped bourgeois society. in the first part, representations of society in liberal quarters -from diderot to guizot- are explored, while the second part analyses the uses of the idea of middle class in conceptualizations of the non-western "other" -russia in particular- from montesquieu to guizot
Wavelet analysis of ULF waves in the mercury's magnetosphere
Echer, Ezequiel;
Revista Brasileira de Geofísica , 2010, DOI: 10.1590/S0102-261X2010000200003
Abstract: ultra-low-frequency (ulf) waves have been observed in the mercury's magnetosphere. in this work, mariner-10 and messenger high resolution magnetic field data are studied with wavelet analysis. two ulf wave intervals have been selected: 29 march 1974 (mariner-10) and 14 january 2008 (messenger). non-stationary oscillations, with strong amplitude and narrow bandwidth have been found. the mariner-10 ulf wave interval showed periods of ~1.5-3.0 s, and the messenger ulf wave interval had periods of ~0.5-1.0 s. these periods of ulf waves are slightly longer than the proton gyroperiods (~0.8 and ~0.5 s, respectively). therefore, these waves are most likely kinetic, not magnetohydrodynamic waves.
RM de cuerpo entero, experiencia inicial
Revista argentina de radiolog?-a , 2008,
Abstract: objective: to expose and share our experience in whole-body mri. material and methods: a prospective study of 165 whole-body mri was made from october 2005 to may 2007. the age range was between 21 to 85 years old, with a mean age of 51, 64. a 1.5 tesla mri scan was utilized with a table-top movement. multicontrast coronal scans (t1, t2 and stir), sagittal and axial t2 compose the study protocol. results: 140 (84,84 %) scans with relevant results and 25 (15,15 %) without abnormalities were found. the axial skeletal articular degenerative disease prevalence on 94 (56,96 %) cases, without significant difference. six mri scans showed secondary dissemination of the oncology disease in a total of 13 controls made. the distribution of the muscle affection of polymiositis was registered in 1 case. conclusions: the whole-body mri represents an innovation diagnostic imaging tool and have the potential to compete in oncology and no oncology disease with another methodologies. the sensibility and specificity were proven, but the cost and non inclusion in tumor staging protocols limit the application.
Enfermedades emergentes no infecciosas
Revista Panamericana de Salud Pública , 2008, DOI: 10.1590/S1020-49892008001100008
Abstract: in recent years, emerging diseases were defined as being infectious, acquiring high incidence, often suddenly, or being a threat or an unexpected phenomenon. this study discusses the hallmarks of emerging diseases, describing the existence of noninfectious emerging diseases, and elaborating on the advantages of defining noninfectious diseases as emerging ones. from the discussion of various mental health disorders, nutritional deficiencies, external injuries and violence outcomes, work injuries and occupational health, and diseases due to environmental factors, the conclusion is drawn that a wide variety of noninfectious diseases can be defined as emergent. noninfectious emerging diseases need to be identified in order to improve their control and management. a new definition of "emergent disease" is proposed, one that emphasizes the pathways of emergence and conceptual traits, rather than descriptive features.
Identidades a posteriori y hacedores de verdad: modos de salir de una aporía
Revista latinoamericana de filosof?-a , 2007,
Abstract: in my contribution to the discussion, i argue against javier castro albano's contention (2007) that the four theses he presents, which are allegedly prima facie plausible, but nonetheless not simultaneously acceptable, pose a problem to strong truthmaker theories. i try to do so by suggesting that some of these theses have ontologically committed and ontologically innocent readings, and that while their initial plausibility is connected to the latter readings, the problems shown by castro albano arise only when they are read in the former way. but this should not be seen as particularly threatening, because holding any of the relevant theses in this ontologically committed way depends on previous and independent commitments concerning the metaphysics of modality, commitments which at the same time should preclude us from accepting the stronger reading of some of the other theses (avoiding, in this way, the incompatibility pointed out by castro albano).
Una lectura epistémica de la falsedad material cartesiana
Revista latinoamericana de filosof?-a , 2011,
Abstract: in the present paper i defend an interpretation of the cartesian notion of material falsity that it would be adequate to describe as 'epistemic', as opposed to most other views in the literature, which could be described as 'metaphysical'. whereas metaphysical conceptions of material falsity consider an idea to be such because of some kind of failure in their representative properties, that is, in the relation between what they exhibit and their objects, an epistemic view considers that what makes an idea materially false is some kind of opacity that precludes their representational properties to be known in the first place. in the paper the evidence for these two kinds of reading is assessed, and it is shown that epistemic views are clearly more adequate.
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