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Estrategias de comunicación militar y dinámicas mediáticas ?dos lógicas contradictorias?

Keywords: information, war, armed conflict, logic of war communication, informative sources, media logic.

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in this article we raise the fact that information on armed conflicts or wars is determined not only by typical factors related to the journalistic profession but also by specific factors present in war situations. in the context of armed confrontation, the logic of military communication and the logic the media explain the information coverage of armed conflict provided by the mass media. in principle, this is due to the fact that the militants and armed groups act as the main "information sources" for the media. thus, while journalists are mainly looking for information to inform people about a specific armed conflict, the military (and the armed groups) is mainly interested in winning the war. this is the reason why moisy (2001, p. 202) asserts that: "when it comes to military actions on the battle field, we have to admit that the requirements for transparency of mass media are incompatible with the importance given to effectiveness by the military"


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