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Exploration and Analysis of the New Paradigm of Human Resources Management in the Digital Age

DOI: 10.4236/oalib.1105863, PP. 1-8

Keywords: Digital age, Human resources management, New paradigm

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The digital age has profoundly changed the mode of social production and human’s life style. New technologies represented by Internet, Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence are deeply in-tegrated with real economy and virtual economy to promote the paradigm of human resources management and enterprise management mode to transform towards digitalization. How to comprehensively improve the digitalized viability of enterprises has become an important issue to be studied and solved urgently. This paper expounds the development trend of the new paradigm of human resources management in the digital age, analyses the opportunities and challenges faced by human resources management in the digital age, and discusses about the specific strategies for constructing the new paradigm of human resources management in the digital age, such as precise selection of personnel, construction of the in-formation interaction platform and data mining. We should construct the interest appeal platform, know how to judge people and use them, establish the talent sharing platform with cross-border thinking, establish the value creation platform, and allow the construction of platforms to help the new paradigm of human resources management to better serve enterprises, thus creating more economic benefits for enterprises.


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