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-  2015 

Experiment on Fatigue Behaviors of Flexural Concrete Interface Strengthened with BFRP and CFRP

Keywords: 结构工程,剥离承载力,玄武岩纤维,碳纤维增强复合材料,界面,疲劳
structure engineering
,debonding load-carrying capacity,basalt fiber reinforced polymer,carbon fiber reinforced polymer,interface,fatigue

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Taking the flexurally strengthened concrete members with fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) as the research object, the fatigue behaviors of the concrete interface strengthened with basalt fiber reinforced polymer (BFRP) and carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) were investigated. Based on a series of four??point bending loading tests, the fatigue failure modes and the propagation law of interface crack strengthened with BFRP and CFRP, as well as the evolution of mid??span deflection and FRP strain change rule with loading cycle numbers were studied. Moreover, the debonding load??carrying capacity and the fatigue life of the BFRP??concrete and CFRP??concrete interface were analyzed, and the fatigue strength of the concrete interface flexurally strengthened with BFRP and CFRP was proposed. The study results show that compared with the concrete members strengthened with BFRP, the debonding load??carrying capacity of those with CFRP increases about 50%, and the fatigue life of those with CFRP is significantly longer. The effects of pre??fatigue damage are slight on the debonding load-carrying capacity of BFRP??concrete and CFRP??concrete interface


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