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-  2017 

Water-holding capacity of litters in different Armeniaca sibirica (L.) Lam shrub forests

Keywords: 山杏灌木林,枯落物,持水特性
Armeniaca sibirica (L.) Lam shrub forest
,litter,water capacity characteristics

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【目的】分析不同林分山杏灌木林枯落物持水性能的差异,为提高林分水源涵养能力和更好地配置林分结构奠定理论基础。【方法】以内蒙古赤峰市4种典型的山杏灌木林林分(天然山杏(Armeniaca sibirica (L.) Lam)林模式(CK)、山杏+苜蓿(Medicago sativa)模式(SM)、山杏嫁接大扁杏(Prunus armeniaca)模式(SD)、山杏+樟子松(Pinus sylvestris var.momgolica Litv.)+草模式(SZC))为研究对象,通过野外观测和浸水试验,调查枯落物的蓄积量,分析枯落物的持水能力与过程,并对枯落物持水量、失水速率与风干时间的相关关系进行研究。【结果】各林分枯落物蓄积量为0.7~2.84 t/hm2,由小到大表现为山杏+苜蓿>山杏+樟子松+草>天然山杏林>山杏嫁接大扁杏,且未分解层>分解层;各林分枯落物最大持水量表现为山杏+苜蓿(7.72 t/hm2)>山杏+樟子松+草(6.97 t/hm2)>天然山杏林(4.53 t/hm2)>山杏嫁接大扁杏(2.02 t/hm2),有效持水率为山杏+苜蓿(217.87%)>山杏+樟子松+草(214.32%)>山杏嫁接大扁杏(197.76%)>天然山杏林(181.60%);枯落物浸水风干试验表明,枯落物失水速率与风干时间符合对数函数关系。【结论】4种不同林分山杏灌木林枯落物持水性能差异明显,其中山杏+苜蓿和山杏+樟子松+草的林分搭配枯落物持水性能较佳。
【Objective】The differences in water conservation ability of litter layers of different Armeniaca sibirica (L.) Lam shrub forests were compared to provide scientific basis for raising water conservation ability of forest and configuring stand structure.【Method】Four different Armeniaca sibirica (L.) Lam shrub forests,including Armeniaca sibirica (L.) Lam (CK),Armeniaca sibirica (L.) Lam+Medicago sativa (SM),Prunus armeniaca (SD),and Armeniaca sibirica (L.) Lam+Pinus sylvestris var.momgolica Litv.+grass (SZC),were investigated and studied to explore the litter amount,hydrological characteristics of litter layer,and the relations between water-holding capacity,water loss rate and air-drying time of litters using field survey and soaking extraction in Chifeng,Inner Mongolia.【Result】Among all types of litters,total litter amount ranged from 0.7-2.84 t/hmv,with a decreasing order of SM>SZC>CK>SD.The contents decomposed layer were larger than that of non-decomposed layer.The maximum water-holding volumes of different forests litters were in the order of SM (7.72 t/hm2)>SZC (6.97 t/hm2)>CK (4.53 t/hm2)>SD (2.02 t/hm2),and the effective water holding rates were in the order of SM (217.87%)>SZC (214.32%)>SD (197.76%)>CK (181.60%).Soak and dry experiments demonstrated that water loss rate and drying time had remarkable logarithmic correlation.【Conclusion】The differences among these four Armeniaca sibirica (L.) Lam shrub forests were significant.SM and SZC were the best two among the four types


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