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-  2018 

Construction of Maturity Evaluation Index System for Government Big Data Governance

Keywords: 大数据治理,政府大数据,成熟度,评测指标体系
big data governance
,big data in government,maturity,assessment indicator system

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摘要 文章针对政府大数据治理的现状、能力和发展路径不清晰等问题,提出评估和优化政府数据治理计划和策略的成熟度测评指标体系。通过对成熟度概念、信息治理、数据治理和大数据治理等核心概念界定,对政府大数据治理的成熟度研究现状及成果进行归纳,总结形成大数据治理的成熟度要素,结合《关于促进大数据发展行动纲要》的实践需求,构建出政府大数据治理成熟度评测指标体系,提出政府大数据成熟度评测模型,可以作为当前政府大数据发展自我测评和改进的工具,同时还可以作为不同地区之间政府大数据治理能力的比较基准。
Abstract: To deal with existing problems in current situation that ability and development path in government's big data governance is not clear, this paper puts forward a big data governance maturity assessment indicator system for theevaluation and optimization of government’s data governance plan and policy. By defining definitions of maturity, information governance, data governance and big data governance, this paper summarizes the research status and result ofgovernment's big data governance maturity studies, formulates key components of a big data governance maturity, andcombines practical needs of Action Outline on Promoting Big Data Development, finally proposes a evaluation index system of government’s big data governance maturity, and a government’s big data maturity evaluation model.The researchresults can be used as self-evaluation and improvement tools for current government big data development, at the sametime might be used as benchmark criteria for comparison big data governance abilities between different regions.


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