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-  2018 


DOI: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-1689.2018.10.013

Keywords: 酒泥陈酿 蛇龙珠 葡萄酒 颜色 相关性分析
lees ageing
,Cabernet gernischt ,wine,color,relativity analysis

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选用D254、RC212、BDX、F15 4种生产中常用的酵母,酒泥在自然条件下自溶,测定葡萄酒中的CIELab颜色空间参数、色度、色调、总色素、聚合色素和单体花色苷的含量,研究颜色指标的变化及相关性。数据分析表明,除F15酵母外,BDX、D254、RC212酒泥陈酿酒样的WC、WCP、PPC、CI得到不同程度提高,4种酵母的单体花色苷含量都提高;在测试的14个指标中Hue与Hab正相关,与其它各颜色指标呈负相关,其它个颜色指标间呈正相关。酒泥陈酿工艺可以提高蛇龙珠葡萄酒的颜色指标,增加颜色的稳定性。
Four kinds of commercial yeasts commonly used in production were selected,such as D254,RC212,BDX and F15. CIELab color space parameters,chroma,hue,total color of pigments,polymeric pgements color and monomer anthocyanins of Cabernet gernischt wine during natural yeast autolysis by ageing on lees. The color evolvement and correlation analysis was studied.Principle component analysis(PCA) of the date indicated that WC,WCP,PPC and CI of BDX,D254,RC212 yeast by ageing on lees improved to varying degree. And A280 and monomer anthocyanins of all the wines samples increased. Hue and Hab was related positively,and were negatively with other indexes. The other index was related positively. The content of color and color stability of wine by ageing on lees can be improved


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